Luminaries 1 - The Soul Space Workshop on Meditation

Luminaries 1 The Soul Space is the first in the series on Living a Spiritual life. In this workshop participants were gently guided through three stages of meditation along with preparatory remarks and various elements to quiet their minds and allow them to begin to understand how meditation can change their lives and promote change.


Luminaries 2 - Living a Spiritual Life


Luminaries 2 contains the essential elements and qualities a person needs to understand in order to live a spiritual life. It is an in depth examination of the Awakening process and the steps to achieve that awakening in their lives. This is a very complex workshop requiring some knowledge of spiritual living.



Luminaries 3 - Happiness is......

Luminaries 3 is a lighthearted workshop giving the participant the basics for the next stage in spiritual living. It is meant to show the need to recognize humor, fun, and to not take everything so seriously. The way of living can be full of pain and displeasure or it can be a joyous and fun experience. This workshop is full of characters and moments of light discussion. Unfortunately, the audio portion of the narration was lost, however, all movies and other sections are in tact. Most notes are present for you to read and understand the overall message in this workshop. 



These workshops represent three of a series created and presented by Dr. Bissell. Over the past 12 years he presented 8-10 two hour workshops to those interested in learning about spiritual living. For the purposes of this website he will include all of the materials he presented, however, these will be presented in segments to make it easier for the reader/listener to incorporate principles into their lives. He trusts you will use this information for the enjoyment and awakening of your soul.