Reflections: Mirrors of Light


Reflections: Mirrors of Light

an amazing journey of understanding


In his groundbreaking new book, Reflections: Mirrors of Light, Dr. Bissell confronts the reader's viewpoint on the physical world. Throughout its pages you are drawn into the spiritual world beyond the veil of the physical and are given the tools to see for yourself the beauty that lies there.

Realizing what lies beyond this veil is the challenge we each must face as we travel our spiritual pathway through life. In Reflections - Mirrors of Light Dr. Ronald Bissell shows the reader his experience of discovery. In following his path you will experience the opening of doors to the world beyond our limited sight and receive an in depth journey into the spiritual realm.

Each person’s journey begins with the realization that they occupy a place in an imperfect world. Finding meaning in this world is the greatest challenge we face along our life’s journey. Following Dr. Bissell's path within the pages of this extraordinary book you are given the clues to understand this meaning and are given answers to some of life’s greatest questions.

We live in a physical world that provides many distractions and produces blindness to the truth that the spiritual world provides. Within "Reflections" this truth is exposed and the veil we see as the physical world is parted allowing the reader to see their world differently. Masks are lowered while truths are revealed.

Dr. Bissell has spent the past 40 years working to understand the importance of this discovery. His six books form a series of works that provide the steps in living a spiritual life. "Reflections" is the fourth step in the discovery of the spiritual path. Reading it will change your life as you uncover the vital secrets it contains.

Entering the spiritual world of Reflections is very natural. As you discover the illusion of this physical world you will be treated to his journey with four levels of understanding.
1. The first level is a conscious level within the story line. Reflections takes you on a voyage that connects to your conscious mind.
2. The second level is an unconscious level contained within its words. Descriptions of each step in the journey are found within each chapter. By studying these steps carefully you will be given the tools to create change in your life.
3. The third level is contained within the poetry, which is an integral part of the story. Within this poetry the Spirit’s voice talks to you. Every phrase connects you to Spirit and opens within you a doorway to its love.
4. The fourth level is located in the cadence of the poetry. As you read and re-read the poetry your innermost world becomes in tune with the Spirit’s voice. This allows you to discover its voice and to incorporate this voice into your life’s path.

Dr. Bissell has spent his life studying, reading and incorporating his life experiences into his writings. Reflections gives you a unique approach to life change and the tools to discover your indivdual pathway in life. It is your responsibility to read this book and take the time and effort to make the changes it provides in your life as real.