I Sit and Wonder


Those of you who are on the spiritual journey understand completely what this short movie is portraying. First, everything is new and exciting. Then, days of same ole same ole pass you by and you begin to doubt. After a while you get a small amount of glitter that sparks your enthusiasm only to find your self doubting and getting confused and wondering "am I alone". 

This is where faith comes in and begins to shed light on what seems an impossible situation. Should I continue am I wasting my time. Should I go another directions, "Where is God?" Yes, we all reach this plateau. Many falter, some fail. However, those who stay the course will obtain whispers, hints, directions, ideas, serendipity, coincidences and more. 

Keep your faith strong because you are in for a long ride for sure. You will get answers, some you want, some you don't want. Many will lead you forward. Some may push you back. But, you will get answers. 

I believe there are three stages in any spiritual journey. The first is imagining what you will achieve. This is the stage of enthusiasm and hope for a quick fix. The next stage is that of dreaming. Dreaming takes many phases from the occasional thought, to a daydream, to full fledged encounters with Spirit. These are the easy steps because the last stage is the stage of belief. You must believe with all your heart that you will reach that impervious veil that separates us from the spiritual. I say a thin sticky veil because at times you can push a bit through the veil and have some experience while at other times it just sticks to you for awhile giving you encouragement. Imagine, dream, believe are the three words to remember and hold dear. They will carry you homeward.