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Souls of Light -

First in an extraordinary series of Spiritual works that can change lives.

Life can be very miserable if you are a creative person and are not able to release your creations into the world. It is a miracle that we are able to understand each other with written words and video presentations. However, some listen watch but do not understand the content that is presented not because they are inadequate but because they do not have the basis for understanding. It is because of this particular problem that I believe a series of books came to me from my good friend Eban. During decades of meditative sessions we had our discussions about Spirit and Spirituality, however, a from them came a clear understanding of the need during this difficult time to write a series of books that give the reader the answers to most life questions but also about living a life that was different that the rest of the world. Over six years came six books that include the essence of the wisdom I was taught. It is the knowledge contained within these books that will provide a deep understanding of living a spiritual life and allow a change in perception and perspective that will change lives.

Dr. Ronald Bissell is an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author leads you to a deep understanding of the qualities of a spiritual life

Souls of Light: A Personal Guide to Spiritual Transformation is a unique book of life change. Within its pages you are given detailed examples of spiritual qualities and are helped to understand their value in your life. It is a personal journey taken by Dr. Bissell in his search for spirituality. Each chapter is full of examples and suggestions on how spiritual qualities influence your life's journey.

Realizing the importance of these qualities and putting them to work in your life will cause life change. As Dr. Bissell awakened to their importance he noticed a profound change in his viewpoint of life as well as his ability to affect others. Time is taken to explain each quality in detail providing you with a workbook to use in your own personal transformation. Souls of Light gives you the tools to enhance your life. The first step in anyone’s growth is to recognize who he or she is and what their purpose in life is. How they recognize and discover this key is as individual as their personality. Souls of Light is a vehicle that will allow this recognition to be seen in an in-depth manner.

How can you begin to change your life according to spiritual principles if you do not identify these qualities? How can you instill spiritual qualities in your life if you do not learn what each of these qualities are? Souls of Light answers theses questions and more. It provides a guidebook of information that will lead you into the understanding of how tremendous change can be included in your life's path.

After working 40 years to understand the importance of  his discovery he has accomplished writing 6 books of exceptional clarity. His 5 other books (Reflections, Eban's World, and Unity, Wisdom from the Soul, and Change Your life - Change Your World) form a series of works that provide the steps in living a spiritual life. "Souls of Light" is the second step in the discovery of the spiritual path. Reading it will change your life as you uncover the vital secrets it contains.
As with his other works, Souls of Light gives you a source of life change on several levels of understanding.
1. The first level is a conscious level found within the content of each chapter. Souls of Light allows you to recognize in detail spiritual qualities and to understand how such recognition connects to your conscious mind.
2. The second level is an unconscious level contained within its words. Descriptions of each quality are found within each chapter and a workbook of questions is offered to lead you to a deep understanding of your spiritual quest. By studying these qualities you will be given the tools to create change in your life.
3. The third level is contained within the poetry, which is an integral part of the story. Within this poetry the Spirit's voice talks to you. Every phrase connects you to Spirit and opens within you a doorway to its love.
4. The fourth level is located in the cadence of the poetry. As you read and re-read the poetry your innermost world becomes in tune with the Spirit's voice. This allows you to discover its voice and to incorporate this voice into your life’s path.

Dr. Bissell has spent his life studying, reading and incorporating his life experiences into his writings. Souls of Light gives you a unique approach to life change and the tools to discover your individual pathway in life. It is your responsibility to read this book, create a workbook of change, and to take the time and effort to make the changes it provides in your life as real. 


“Souls of Light is the most readable and thought-provoking work by Ron Bissell. It is filled with wisdom and insights. He gently leads us to path the relationships with our soul and invites us to discover our relationships with our soul. Inspiring!”
— Teresa W.
Empowering! Souls of Light opened my eyes to where I am and where I could be. It helped me to discuss self and have a better understanding of others. My life has been enriched by reading it. I recommend it!

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— Wanda P.

Souls of Light is available at Amazon.com