Eban's World: The Colors of Change




Dr. Ronald Bissell an accomplished surgeon and award-winning author takes you on a journey that will change your world.

From an award winning author comes a book that will change your viewpoint of your world. Inspired by his connection with Spirit and his quest for life change Dr. Bissell leaves the confines of this world and enters Eban’s World. In Eban’s World: The Colors of Change you see the ability we each have to influence and change our entire world.

Within the pages of Eban's World you will experience a journey of immense importance. You will discover a way of looking at your world that will leave you entranced with the possibilities you have to create a new life based upon spiritual principles.

In Eban’s World you travel to an encounter with spiritual leaders who explain the needed changes that will enhance your world. You experience first hand the teachings of learned men and see how the application of these teachings transforms a world. Each step along the way you are taken deeper into the minds and thoughts of these men and are left with a knowledge base that will give you the tools to make a positive impact on your world.

What if you could change your world? This question echoes throughout the pages of this life-enhancing book. Few books give you the tools to effect this change. These tools are the gifts you will find while reading Eban's World. Eban’s World is a book that will continuously give you insights and life teachings as you ponder and understand its contributions to your life.

Dr. Bissell has spent the past 40 years working to understand the importance of this discovery. His three other books (Souls of Light, Unity, and Reflections, Wisdom from the Soul, and Change Your Life - Change Your World) form a series of works that provide the steps in living a spiritual life. Eban’s World is the second step in the discovery of the spiritual path. Reading it will change your life as you uncover the vital secrets it contains.

As you take this extraordinary encounter and apply it to your life, you will find your world changing before your eyes. This change will be very real and will leave you awestruck at the discoveries you will find. As you discover how to change your world you will be treated to a journey with four levels of understanding.

1. The first level is a conscious level within the story line. Eban's World takes you on a voyage that connects to your conscious mind.
2. The second level is an unconscious level contained within its words. Descriptions of each step in the journey are found within each chapter. By studying these steps carefully you will be given the tools to create change in your life.
3. The third level is contained within the poetry, which is an integral part of the story. Within this poetry the Spirit's voice talks to you. Every phrase connects you to Spirit and opens within you a doorway to its love.
4. The fourth level is located in the cadence of the poetry. As you read and re-read the poetry your innermost world becomes in tune with the Spirit's voice. This allows you to discover its voice and to incorporate this voice into your life’s path.

Dr. Bissell has spent his life studying, reading and incorporating his life experiences into his writings. Eban's World gives you a unique approach to life change and the tools to create and transform your world. It is your responsibility to read this book and take the time and effort to make the changes it provides in your life as real.