Congratulations! I am so pleased you are here at This site is dedicated to helping you as you travel your life’s path to understand and to teach others about “living a spiritual life “. My name is Dr. Ron Bissell and it is my privilege to bring the content of this site into the world. Listen2whispers is the child of listen4 whispers which was my home for the past several years. However, one morning I awoke with an epiphany of sorts. That epiphany caused me to change the name and the tenor of the website and gave birth to listen2whispers. That epiphany was this; it is okay for people to listen “4” whispers with the intent of hearing the words from spirit, however, it is more important for people to listen “2” those very whispers they hear. There is a distinct difference between the two. Listening for something is a passive effort, however, listening to something is an active engaging directive. The information on this site will give you all you need to understand the difference between these two points of view and to help you in your quest to live a spiritual life.

Listen2whispers is also different from my previous site in that I will be asking other people to join me in my quest to get this material out into the public arena. There will be consultants, contributors, and just people who have had experiences that changed their lives to help you understand more fully the kind of life they live and give you the tools that will lead you towards your goals.

It is very important for you to know that Listen2whispers has no agenda, it does not want to indoctrinate you or to change your opinions on your personal point of view. Listen2whispers is purely a site dedicated to educating you, teaching you, and hopefully giving you the means to teach others how to live a spiritual life. It will teach you serious things, as well as humorous things. It will make you cry, make you smile, laugh, and realize how sometimes being different causes you to lose friends and at times feel alone. Such is the spiritual path, however, new people will come into your life who are wonderful. They will teach you so much that you will be bursting with gratitude.

So, my friends, welcome again! Enjoy all that will be presented on this website. It will take a time to rebuild such an extensive website but my intention and the intention of those who surround me is to create a resource site unlike any other, one that will help you in your quest to fill the empty spots and to become whole again.

Wishing you wellness, health, and a full spirit.
- Dr. Ron Bissell
- Sheila StHilaire